Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator - Series 92-93
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Valve Compatibility: Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves. Certifications: ABS, ATEX, Bureau Veritas, PED, SIL 3. Options: Single or Double Acting, Extended Travel Stops.

Supplier: Bray International - Sydney
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Manufacturer: Bray International
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  Equipment parameters
Size: 48 - 119
Output torque: Up to 4986 Nm
Design standard: EN 15714-3
Mounting: ISO 5211 - 2001
Acting: Single acting
Temperature range: -40 to 149 deg C
Pressure rating: Up to 10 Bar
Enclosure rating: IP66/IP67M per IEC 60529
Testing standard: EN 15714-3 2009
Control options: On-Off, Throttling, Double Acting, Spring Return

  Equipment details

The Series 92/93 is completely enclosed and self contained. The many features minimize maintenance and provide safe, simple disassembly and assembly.

  • Two independently adjustable travel stop screws and a cam on the output shaft to permit precise bidirectional adjustment of movement in both the open and closed positions for quarter turn valves (+5° to -5° limit adjustment)
  • Integral porting
  • Standard units have anodized aluminum bodies with polyester coated end caps
  • Special coatings and materials available for corrosive environments
  • NAMUR accessory compatible