Cancellation Policy

Subscription can be cancelled at any time from the website's Plans page.

The current plan will show "Cancel" button, while all other plans will show "Select" button.

Cancelling paid subscription will place customer on the Free plan.

To be able to cancel a subscription, the customer needs to satisfy the Free plan requirements in terms of the amount of content the customer has stored in website's database. This is shown on the Plans page for the Free plan.

If the amount of content exceeds the amounts specified in the Free plan, the customer has to delete some of the content that has been created.

Cancelation will be with immediate effect. Once the plan is cancelled, the customer will be billed for the portion of the time the plan has been used and the balance refunded to the default payment method specified in the customer account.

The default payment method can be seen and updated in the Customer Portal. Customer Portal can be accessed from the Plans page, after the user has loged in. The Customer Portal button will be shown only for customers with current or previously paid subscriptions.

Alternatively the customer may select another plan that suits the content quantity requirements.