Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve - Series 762
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Mining: Primary Milling, Secondary Milling Actuator Options: Direct Mounted Handwheel, Bevel Gear Operator, Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator, Electric Actuator. Certifications: Canadian CRN, PED - Category I Module A (Group 2 Liquids).

Supplier: Bray International - Sydney
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Manufacturer: Bray International
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Managed by: Bray
  Equipment parameters
Size: 3 to 48 in
Body material: Ductile Iron (3" - 28") Carbon Steel (30" - 48") Check with factory for other available materials
Pressure rating: 316 SS Gate 3" - 24" 7 bar; 26" - 42" 5 bar; 44" - 48" 3 bar (Higher pressures are available with select gate mate
Stem material: 304 Stainless Steel
Gate material: 304, 316, 317 Stainless Steel, SAF 2507 Duplex, 17-4PH Stainless Steel, Hastelloy® C, Monel®, Titanium, Duplex 2205
Seat material: Nat. Rubber: 74°C Buna-N: 90°C EPDM:150°C
Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5 CL150; ASME B16.47 CL150

  Equipment details

The Bray Series 762 bidirectional heavy duty slurry valve is designed for demanding high pressure slurry applications. Twin elastomer seats and push-through gate design facilitate self-cleaning and prevent media build up.

The durable ductile iron body is offered in a two-piece bolted flange style. When fully open, the valve is full bore, offering no resistance to line media.


  • Protective stem cover is standard increasing cycle life in hazardous environments
  • Unique J-ring steel-reinforced, elastomer sleeve design provides energized, zero leakage shutoff in both directions. Retaining rings included as standard throughout the entire size range
  • In the open position, the energized sleeves shield all metal components from direct contact with the flowing process media
  • Robust gate designed for high pressure slurry applications and available in a wide range of corrosion resistant alloys
  • Unrestricted flow path with minimal pressure drop achieved through full port valve design for extended sleeve life
  • Designed with ample clearance for push-through allowing complete gate closure
  • Flanged two-piece bolted body allows for easy maintenance and is drilled and tapped to ASME CL150 flange patterns as standard. Other drilling options available upon request
  • Bottom flush plate with tapped ports offered as an option, allowing for safe discharge of media and easy flush water connection