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Rigidly or flexible mounted engines such as compressors or pumps in a high torque range.

Supplier: Vulkan Australia
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Manufacturer: Vulkan
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  Equipment parameters
Torque range: 16000 - 315000 Nm

  Equipment details

The highly-flexible RATO S coupling is a torsionally flexible rubber coupling that compensates radial, axial and angular shaft displacements of the connected machinery. The torque is transmitted by elements loaded in shear. The different torsional stiffnesses and damping factors available provide the possibility to satisfactorily tune the torsional vibration behaviour of the drive system. The essential parts of the coupling are: the torsional flexible element, the membrane package to absorb the axial displacements and the connecting parts to the drive and driven machinery.


  • Easy and quick installation of the coupling thanks to the segmented design with reduced weights of the individual segments
  • The segments are arranged for maximum thermal load and therefore long service life of the system
  • Compact design with an internal hub for space-conserving and weight-saving drive dimensions in order to cut down on the project costs