Wire rope HYFLEX 6x36
Construction: 6x36(14-7+7-7-1)-CWR. Langs lay must only be used in applications where both ends are unable to rotate.

Supplier: usha martin
Supplier P/N:
Manufacturer: usha martin
Manufacturer P/N:
  Equipment parameters
Diameter: 8 to 60 mm
Approx. mass: 26.1 to 1471 kg/100m
Tensile grade: 1770 and 1960 N/mm2
Minimum breaking force: 40.3 to 2510 kN
Finish: Bright, Galvanised
Lay direction: Right hand, Left hand
Lay type: Ordinary, Langs
Compacted: Yes, No
Average fill factor: 60.9 %

  Equipment details
  • High quality flexible 6x36 class crane rope.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Fully lubricated in manufacturing.
  • Independent wire rope core.
  • Supplied in high strength 1960N/mm2 tensile steel as standard.