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Create pipeline

public 20 Dec 2022 | Admin


This article explains how to create pipelines on EngineeringAmp.com platform.

To be able to create pipelines, the user needs to be signed in. 

Create project

To create a pipeline the user needs to create a project under which the pipeline can be saved.

To create project follow the instruction in the Create Project article.

Create pipeline

The pipeline contains information about the medium transported trough the pipeline, operating conditions, location data, etc.. Pipe sizes and materials are specified in individual pipe sections. If multiple sizes or materials are required, multiple sections will need to be entered where each section is made of one size and one material.

Pressure losses are calculated for each section. If the user needs pressure losses calculated for a specific portion of the pipeline, that portion of the pipeline shall be entered as a separate section. It is recommended that the suction and discharge lines, where applicable, are entered as separate sections 

To create a pipeline, select the desired project in the Projects page.

On the selected project page, scroll to the pipelines  section and click the  button.

On the Add Pipeline page, fill in the project information and click the  button.

Add sections

Once the pipeline is created, pipe sections need to be added to it.

To add section to a pipeline, select the pipeline from the list of pipelines in the project.

On the pipeline page click on the  button.

On the Add Section page, fill in the section information and click the  button.

Repeat the steps above to add additional sections if required.

Calculate losses

To calculate losses in the pipeline refer to the Calculate Pipeline Losses article.