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Calculate pipeline losses

public 29 Dec 2022 | Admin

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This article explains how to calculate pipeline losses on EngineeringAmp.com platform.

To be able to calculate pipeline losses the user needs to be signed in.

Create pipeline

To calculate losses in a pipeline the user needs to create a pipeline and add sections to it.

To create pipeline follow the instruction in the Create Pipeline article.

Calculate losses

To calculate losses in the pipeline, navigate to the pipeline's page.

On the pipeline's page,  click on the  button.

On the calculation page, enter the desired flow rate and estimated pump and motor efficiencies and press the  button.

The page will refresh and it will show the calculated system curve and duty point.

The summary of all input values will be shown in the Pipeline Input Data card.

The result summary will be shown in the Pipeline Result Data card. This shows the results for the pipeline as a whole.

Individual sections data is shown in the individual section's card.

Individual valve losses are calculated using generic K factors as the the factor used for a specific valve is shown in ().

To save the results click the  button at the bottom of the page.

Pump selection

If there are pumps matching the calculated duty point, they will be shown in the Matching pumps card.

To show the pump curves on the system curve, click on the + sign next to the desired pump. To remove the pump click on the - sign.

All calculation results and images in this article are for illustration purpose only.